The Discography section of the site is broken up into four menu categories for easy navigation.

  • Singles feature Skafish records that were released as standalone vinyl singles.
  • Albums represent vinyl, CD and digital releases that were full album length.
  • EPs feature projects that contained three to six tracks each.
  • Compilations highlight records that Skafish was included on along with other artists.

Since many Skafish records have been unavailable for years, even decades, the Discography section of the site helps to clarify the former, current and future status of each individual Skafish project as well as those he was included on with other artists.

  • Available means that the music is currently able to be bought, downloaded or streamed.
  • Re-release pending means that a re-release of the project is coming soon.
  • To be released indicates that the record will eventually be available again.
  • Nothing listed for “Status” of a project indicates that it is currently out of print.