FROM THE VAULT: Nothing I Can Do, the latest Skafish single

Recorded in 1992, Nothing I Can Do is now digitally available everywhere to stream and download, including on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube.

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In February 1976, Skafish and his band made their Chicago debut and forever changed the Chicago music scene. The early Skafish performances are considered to be the birth of Chicago Punk. From the beginning, Skafish startled, delighted, and appalled an unsuspecting public, often causing violent reactions. From an aesthetic perspective, the art was both genre-defining and genre-defying. This seeming contradiction has caused many to consider Skafish decades ahead of his time.

Skafish has been acknowledged as Chicago’s punk, new wave, alternative and indie Godfather. He was the first Chicago artist to bring these genres to the international stage. If you’re an old fan from back in the day, or new to the saga, there is much more to come.