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In today's popular culture, people routinely bare all, tell all, and expose everything from the most shocking aspects of their lives, down to the most mundane details.  From trash TV talk shows to tell-all autobiographies, what was formerly considered socially "taboo" to talk about is now  openly celebrated.  People now have web cameras that document their every move, broadcast for the entire world to watch 24 hours a day.

Skafish (Jim Skafish) was perhaps the very first proponent of this "bare it all" and "no holds barred" sensibility.  Beginning with the "Skafish" debut in February 1976 in Chicago, Skafish launched a form of performance which had never been witnessed before--part psychotherapy, part psychodrama, painfully honest, autobiographical, self-degrading, revealing and rebellious beyond the limits of any previous entertainer.  So upsetting and button-pushing were his performances, that throughout his entire career, his physical safety, and even his life were frequently in danger.  The "naked truth" was literal from the very first show--as a horrified and bewildered Chicago audience witnessed Skafish strip down to an old-ladies one-piece bathing suit with babushka while singing graphically about his alienated childhood.

From his first day in kindergarten to the present, the Timeline tells the Skafish saga year by year--honest, historically accurate and uncensored.


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