Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“The Best Of The Region - Rock - ‘94”
(Compilation of Chicago area artists -
Included Skafish track is “Nothing I Can Do” - studio version)
Released in 1994

At that point in the game, I was just trying to get something going.  Even though the I.R.S Records 10 year anniversary album sold pretty well, it didn’t seem to impact my career directly.  Then, when "Best Kept Secrets" only sold to my “Fishheads,” I needed something to give the career a shot in the arm.  This didn’t do it either, but I’m quite peaceful with the whole thing because it’s ultimately the process that counts, not the results.

Nothing I Can Do:  I especially felt like I could never please my mother, so in the classis Freudian sense, I never felt like could please a woman, which in turn oozed into every area of my life leaving me feel like I could never please ANYONE!

I work all day to buy you things
Just to please you I do anything
Whatever you want you know I'll buy
But you're never happy or satisfied
If I buy you a diamond ring
You want a necklace or some other thing
Nothing I can do is ever good enough for you
Nothing I can buy will ever keep you satisfied

© Copyright 1992 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

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