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Who is Skafish? was the one question my friends who  had never heard of him asked most often.  To properly answer this and other probing questions about this multi-talented musician, extraordinaire; I went to see one of his shows.  Skafish, who has been performing since February of 1976, is considered to be the founding father of “New Wave” or “Alternative” music.

...The three hour show was impressive, to say the least.  Skafish’s concert was divided into three sets, and in between sets the energetic and talented one-man band mingled with his small, but extremely receptive audience.  Mr. Skafish did it all.  He sang, he played guitar, keyboards, and synthesizers.  He even played a drum machine and danced with members of his very captivated audience.

The music was a well rounded mix of rock, new wave, hi-energy dance music and a bit of Mozart thrown in for good measure....

...If you are a music fan who is tired of seeing your average mainstream act, then this show is definitely for you....

...Skafish took chances with his show that some other artists wouldn’t dream of.  The East Chicago based musician, songwriter is on the cutting edge of something very big.

- Barry E. Dungy - News / Features - Purdue Chronicle - Friday, October 28, 1988

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