1983 Press


The album starts out like a house afire; “Secret Lover” is eminently danceable, sporting a pulsating synthesizer but avoiding the usual mundane frigidity associated with that sound.

 - Mark From - Tracks on Wax

A promising group that utilizes synthesizer without losing their humanity in a swirling, pulsating dance mix. “Wild Night” is like Lou reed before the marriage.

- Rock to Ragtime

Wild Night Tonight” is an all out rocker with echoes of a Springsteen paeon to the urban lower middle class.

- Rich Zweiback - Boston Phoenix

Conversation makes for superb listening from beginning to end. .... ‘Ol hook nose’s second LP is a true beauty....

 - Alvin Eng - The Long Island Ear

Skafish lunges off in a different direction on the disappointing Conversation, which starts with “Secret Lover,” a mundane disco track notable only for his voice’s jarring unsuitably to the genre.  With the exception of two loud rockers and a few blandouts, the rest of the record follows stylistic suit.  Worse, the lyrics aren’t even very interesting.

- Ira Robbins - Trouser Press

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