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It’s a total unity of work from the very upbeat tune,  “Work Song” to the almost ballad like ‘Romantic Lessons’, which I heard from a good friend of Ronnie Spector’s was written for her latest album SIREN, however Polish Records producer Genya Raven felt the song was too close to Ronnie’s 60s music, and passed on the song.  Well, I say you shouldn’t.  It is one of the best pieces of work out today in this garbage filled music world.  The best cut on the album is “Joan Fan Club”.  It’s very innovative, yet stylish.  This album has a little something for everyone into good solid rock.  It takes a selective ear to enjoy such artistry and I know our readers have such an ear.

Danny-Larry – “Skafish’s Fun Fun Album” - Homeroom - March 6, 1981

The latest in a long line of American eccentrics, Skafish is not just a solo clown but also a band, with worthy musical credentials and a very distinctive sound used to good effect on quirky songs ideal for the amateur practicing psychiatrist.   

- The Rock Year Book 1981 - 1981 

Skafish: The pose is the nose.

– “AGREE OR DISAGREE: OUR TIPS FOR ‘ 81 / ‘ 82” - The Rock Year Book 1981 - 1981

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