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A fight erupted during a recent performance by Skafish at Hurrah's in New York.  Apparently, Patti Smith's brother Todd, who has been regularly seen with one of the members of the Skafish entourage, had his face slashed by a broken beer bottle wielded by former Sex Pistol Sid Vicious.  Vicious then tried to escape, but was tackled by Skafish road manager Jimy Sohns.  Vicious has already been indicted for the murder of his girlfriend. . . .

- "Pandora's Music Box" - Illinois Entertainer - January 1979

...Skafish is one performer who cries out to be loved, many times almost too literally.  While last year his pleas seemed desperately, perhaps too painfully real, this year Jim’s complaint is well-hidden in the service of a dazzling exhibition of pop professionalism....

Roy Trakin - - New York Rocker 

…but it remains up to Chicago’s Skafish to man the banner of the new wave urban blues.   

Roy Trakin  “Skafish: Hurrah” - New York Rocker 

Skafish provided an entertaining opening set, with a musical parody on everything from high school to the Catholic Church.  The group is well-organized and lead Jim Skafish is a real performer.  “Obsessions Of You,” replete with Skafish’s gawky Frankenstein movements was enjoyed by all; it is the single from their first album SKAFISH to be released in January.  “Sign Of The Cross,” a satirical number in true Bunuel style was also popular with the audience, especially when Jim Skafish burned incense and doused the first row with water from the stage.

- Victoria Larimore – “Iggy Pop/Skafish: Agora Ballroom, Nov. 12” - Scene / Nov.15-20, 1979

And so, the lingering image of the evening is one of intense lunacy, of one person (Skafish) ready to make his mark on the national music scene and of another (Pop) who made his mark, for better or worse, some time ago.

- Rick Logan – “Skafish/Iggy Pop Live” - Chicago Sun Times

A product of the polluted degradation of Gary, Indiana, 22-year old Jim Skafish’s twisted, distorted figure has been deposited on punk stages all across the country from Los Angeles’ Whisky to New York’s CGBG...Skafish gives renewed meaning to the word bizarre.

- Sal Manna – “Ready For Puke Rock?”  Oui Magazine

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