1976 Press

...And what has proven to be the most bizarre act to arrive on the scene in years, SKAFISH has mesmerized audiences with his wild stage antics, unorthodoxed music and indescribable visual effects.

 - Illinois Entertainer  - December, 1976

‘Warning – If progressive rock and roll is hazardous to your health, do not see Skafish.’  That notation appeared on a recent poster announcing Skafish’s debut and never a truer word was spoken!  This is THE most adventurous project to emerge from a Midwestern basement for a very long time.  The act is calculating and exact, bringing out a new level of enlightenment and sophistication to the Chicago music scene.  Everyone will have their own opinion of Skafish - there is no rule of thumb from which to describe this band - but they are a must to see!

- Mike Freeman - Stage Pass Magazine - December, 1976

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