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When a musical revolution was taking place in London, New York and L.A. in 1976, Chicago for a short point in time felt like a backwater. There was nobody in town who was kicking out the jams. Nobody over the edge. Nobody taking risks. Nobody afraid to gamble it all by making a personal statement rather than fitting in to a safe radio-friendly niche. Nobody making music that erupted from the inner core. Nobody except Jim Skafish, that is. Along with a very small handful of other artists of the time, Jim -- by his very being -- made the Chicago music scene tolerable.

Cary Baker
Co-Owner, The Baker/Northrop Media Group

I’ll never forget that night in the summer of 1976 when I journeyed to East Chicago, Indiana.  I was awestruck.  Entertained, challenged & feeling threatened, I didn’t know whether to love him or hate him, but he made a tremendous impression.  This was a new brand of Rock & Roll that made me listen and react.  Unable to get Jim or his music out of my mind, and choosing to build my career on representing innovators versus imitators, I had to sign him and help introduce Skafish to the unwitting public.  Certainly, it has been proven he was well ahead of the times.

Scott A. Cameron
President, The Cameron Organisation, Inc.

He’s a fucking genius!!

Miles Copeland
I.R.S. Records President/Police Manager

I think you started alternative music worldwide.

Billy Cox
Polygram Records

To Skafish  The best musician I know.

Willie Dixon
Blues Legend

"Working on the live shows with Jim has been some of the most challenging and rewarding moments I've ever experienced.  His soul is the most energetic passion of music that I have ever witnessed in the industry.  Jim has a way of taking an audience and teaching them the art of expression to the point that they find themselves climbing all over tables singing along with the songs.  I have literally seen people dropping down into their chairs exhausted after a Skafish performance.  Only a true professional can complete that task.  Jim, I love and thank you."  

Jim Flener
 Sound and Lighting Technician

At a time when everyone else was desperately trying to be “like” someone else, Jim Skafish dared to be very true to his inner voice and extraordinary creative vision, and - he dared to be different.  I had the pleasure of knowing and working with him from early on in the journey.  Skafish’s work and subsequent impact on the Chicago music scene changed the status quo irrevocably by opening the door to give highly creative and individual acts with much to say, acceptance and visibility at long last.  The recordings we made some 20 years ago stand up to the tests of time and thankfully remain provocative, energetic and absolutely fly in the face of complacency.

Michael Freeman

The album is superb!  What an incredible surprise.

Bob Garcia
A&M Records Artists Relations

The band was phenomenal.  The whole Skafish concept was so different.  Everyone was so exceptional as artists and as people, especially Jim Skafish.  I don’t think anyone could ever capture or compare.  It was a once in a lifetime affair.  Other artists of today are nowhere near Jim’s vision decades ago.

Marie Goodrich
Backing Vocalist

The most amazing thing about Jim is that he's so undefinable. People think they know who he is and what he's about and label him accordingly--whether it's as a  musician, songwriter, rock pioneer or performing artist.  He genius runs so deep, is so  multi- layered, most people will never discover the essence of who he is and how great his genius and talent truly are.   

Glinda Harrison

He’s a genius.  I think you should manage him.

Stan Kenton
Jazz Legend

It was the most fascinating project I’d ever worked on, and listening to his lyrics made me feel as if I was inside his head.  I couldn’t wait to hear the next line to find out what he was thinking.

Gary Loizzo
Recording Engineer /Co-Producer

I have always considered Jim as being one of the finest all around pianists.

Frank S. Macchia
Piano Technician for such artists as Chick Corea, Van Cliburn, and Liberace

Rarely have I seen a music creator who was so totally unique.  As an A&R man, I was always looking for performers who could put their own stamp on music.

Robin McBride
Producer/Former Head of Midwest & International A&R for Mercury Records

The level of musicianship in Skafish’s band was truly amazing.  These rock ‘n’ roll arrangements were extremely sophisticated.

Nancy Meyer
Cameron Organisation Vice President

As an employee of A&M Records in the late 70's, I remember looking at the cover of Skafish's first record on I.R.S and thinking "Who is this freak!?"  Knowing him now, I realize he is a really nice and talented freak who was light years ahead of his time. Pay attention to him.

Doug Minnick
Vice President of TAXI, The Independent A&R Company

Although I had heard of Skafish through some eclectic friends of mine I was not quite sure what to expect.  Upon entering the Blue Room on that cold November night 11 year ago I was truly surprised to find a man dressed as a Roman Catholic priest.  As it turned out this "priest" thoroughly entertained the crowd with his clever song writing and stage antics, including dousing us with holy water from a scepter during a performance of the riotous "Sign of the Cross."  I left that night with the sense that the avant-garde Skafish was the ultimate one man band.  He uses synthesizers for all of the instruments, does all of the singing and performs a show that rouses even the shyest of crowd participants. 

Skafish was an innovator back then and hopefully the time has now arrived for the world to embrace his music.   Nevertheless he will remain a force in the underground for all those who appreciate a good show and have a sense of humor to boot.

Jean Montiel
Business & Legal Affairs/Print Licensing Manager 
Bug Music, Los Angeles

If there is a Bach or Mozart in this time period, it is Jim Skafish.

Dr. Ramon Satyendra
Assistant Professor of Music Theory/Yale University

Jim is my youngest and when he was young we knew he was musical.  He’s a very fine musician in classical, religious and popular music.  He is also an excellent teacher.

Violanda Skafish
Mother of Skafish

When Jim Skafish walks into the room, I could swear it was Mick Jagger.
(Quoted by United Press International)

Muddy Waters
Blues Legend

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