Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“Obsessions Of You” & “Sink Or Swim”
(1st single from Debut LP)
Released May 20, 1980 at 3:46 P.M. Greenwich Mean Time

To me, this seemed like a good choice for the 1st single from the debut LP. Jimy Sohns thought that “Obsessions” had the potential to be a hit.  When the record company released it in England, it shot up the independent charts, but didn’t stay there long enough to sell in numbers.  Besides a bit of radio-play, it received quite a lot of reviews, often mentioning the looniness of “Sink or Swim,” which was not put on the 1st album.

Obsessions Of You:  The busy arrangement of the track was on purpose - trying to represent in sound the neurotic “obsessed” feelings that tend to clutter our minds so frantically—like a demanding, bratty, child.

I might kill myself today
'Cause I want you
You don't want me
I want my way
I won't give in
This time I will not compromise my dream of having you

© Copyright 1979 Skafish Music / Illegal Songs

Sink Or Swim:  This song was my response to being repeatedly told my birth was an accident.   Acting it out on stage was therapeutic for me.  Barbie would knock me around the stage and scold me, and I RELISHED in wearing pee-stained underwear and a huge baby sunbonnet.  When I wrote the lyric, I was regurgitating the stream of conscious emotions that ran through my subconscious mind my whole life.

Mister, want a baby?
Hey mister, want a baby?
Take this baby away from me
I don’t want it anymore
Get away - sink or swim
Finally born
Baby just sink or swim. . . .
Gotta drop you in the water, lake, lagoon, toilet
Sink or swim - ugly baby

© Copyright 1979 Skafish Music / Illegal Songs

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