Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“These People Are Nuts”
(Best of I.R.S. Records Collection  - Included Skafish track - the live recording of “Sign of the Cross” previously released in the film/soundtrack “Urgh! A Music War” in 1981)
Released September 1989

I received a phone call on a Monday in late September, of 1989.  My former manager Scott Cameron told me that he had just heard form I.R.S. Records, and they wanted to know if I would fly out to Los Angeles two days later to perform for the record release party of the I.R.S. Records 10 year anniversary project that I had a cut on.  Scott claimed that they really wanted me there because I was one of the very first artists to sign with the label.  I didn’t have any time to think about it, and had to make a decision right on the spot.  Even though I felt unsettled about it because of the way things sort of just fizzled out with the label in late 1983, I decided to go anyway.  I told Scott to tell them that I at least needed some money to eat on.  They agreed, and I hopped on the plane that Wednesday.  I’m glad that I went and faced whatever ghosts were in my heart about the way it all ended after the 2nd LP.

Sign of the Cross:  After my 2nd LP didn’t take off in 1983, I went back to playing music in the church for a good 5 years as a means of survival.  Then I taught a History of Rock Music class in a Catholic College in 1992.  It was as if the universe wouldn’t let me get away from Catholicism until I was completely purged and cleansed of my past religious slavery.  Writing “Sign of the Cross” was my first stand against spiritual imprisonment.

If you’re afraid you’ll go to hell
You better start your dancing now
If you don’t quite get up to heaven
I’ll guarantee at least purgatory
Let’s do the Sign of the Cross
Get up get down get dancing
Do the Sign of the Cross
Do a genuflection
Maybe you’ll go to heaven

© Copyright 1981 Skafish Music / Monona Music

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