Backing Vocals (1987-1988)

  • Performed backing vocals on “Limited Series Cassette”
    (Recorded 1987 & 1988-Released in June 1988)

The trio who called themselves Nadima consisted of Dianne Madison, Mae Oneita Koen, and Nanette Frank. When Skafish hired the group to sing on the “Limited Series Cassette,” they had already sang on numerous commercials and albums, singing every style imaginable form funk to jazz to pop.

When Skafish let the girls hear the track to “Where Is James Bond? (When You Really Need Him),” they immediately vocalized in perfect three part harmony, with Nanette Frank adding an ad-lib section in the third verse of the completed first take.  Next, the girls listened to “Telepathy,” and laid down a complimentary vocal counterpart to Skafish’s lead, with the end result being a mutual vocal admiration society by both Nadima and Skafish.

In addition to working in the studio with Skafish, Mae Oneita Koen performed a few live dates with Skafish in South Chicago for his solo show, bringing another guest female vocalist along.

Ultimately, two of the three girls, Dianne Madison, and Mae Oneita Koen went on to sing back-up for Aretha Franklin.  It was apparent how much Aretha appreciated the girls when she proudly introduced them by name to the audience on a late 1990’s VH-1 Divas Live performance.

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