Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“Maybe One Time” & “No Liberation Here”
(2nd single from Debut LP)
Released August 1980

I didn’t even know that the record company was planning to release a 2nd single from the debut album.  One day while we were still in England, I saw a finished copy of it.  It received some airplay and some press before we came back home in September of '80.

Maybe One Time:  I remember one reviewer joking about this record becoming a middle of the road hit.  Imagine me next to Tom Jones and Elvis in Vegas?  Now that’s poetic justice!

They touch each other
I’m touched by it
If I could run to the store
Buy it now
How much would it cost to be held?
Maybe one time

© Copyright 1979 Skafish Music / Illegal Songs - All Rights Reserved

No Liberation Here:  Since there are only drums during much of the vocal, the words really, really jump out.  Every time we’d play it live, I’d wonder what the audience would do to me when their ears first heard this. . .

I am feeling like I need some abuse
Throw me round the room let me be misused
We don’t feel right
No liberation here
Rub my nose in doggies’ duty today
Please embarrass me so I’ll be ashamed

© Copyright 1977 Skafish Music / Illegal Songs

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