Marie Goodrich

Marie Goodrich

Vocalist (1983)

  • Performed Vocals on the 2nd Skafish LP “Conversation” (Recorded Spring 1983-Released September 1983)

Marie Goodrich (sister of Barbie Goodrich) began singing as a little girl with school choirs and in church, studying all the way through high school with various voice teachers.  At the age of 16, Marie began singing in local rock bands, performing locally in clubs and at concerts over the next few years.

Upon graduating high school, Marie decided to move to Los Angeles, and became immersed in the glitter rock scene of Hollywood in 1973.  Befriending T. Rex associate Alphie O’Leary, Marie’s beautiful appearance became more flamboyant during her stay in Los Angeles.  But after about a year in California, Marie felt burnt out by the west coast scene and returned home to the Chicago area in early 1974.

In mid 1974 she was first introduced to Skafish by a friend/vocalist of hers who Skafish was accompanying on piano.  Skafish and Marie, both outrageously dressed, hit it off instantly.  Days later, Marie introduced Skafish to her other 3 sisters, who all modeled together as group called “Living Dolls.”  A short time afterward, Marie became a member of the vocal group her sister Barbie formed, first named “The Nymphonics,” then later, simply “The Goodrich Sisters.” 

The vocal quartet performed sporadically around the Chicago area with Skafish accompanying them on piano in the months that followed.  In 1975, Marie, along with sisters Barbie and Kiki, sang back-up on the 2nd LP sessions for power trio White Lightnin’. 

In early 1976, Marie was looking to front a group as a lead vocalist.  By the late 70’s, she did just that when she became the lead singer for the Chicago area rock group Joker.  For almost 2 years, Marie toured various parts of the U.S. with Joker.

In the spring of 1983 when Skafish was re-recording his 2nd LP, he invited Marie Goodrich to sing back-up on the LP.  In the studio, Marie added a fuller sound to many of the backing vocal tracks, complementing her sister Barbie’s voice perfectly. 

But by the mid 80’s, after starts and stops in her musical career, Marie decided to put her singing on hold and began studying computers.  Over the next 10 years. she developed great expertise in computer based studies, going on to several career positions utilizing her skills.

Her passion for singing, however, never subsided.  Marie Goodrich resumed voice study in the spring of 1999 with Trisha Hales of Purdue University Northwest, focusing her voice in more classically based techniques.