Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“Limited Series Cassette”
(1st Independent Release)
Released June 1988

Since I hadn’t had anything released since 1983, I wanted to record some new tracks and see what I could do with them.  Sandy Starrett, a friend of mine who had been managing some local acts,  financed a great deal of the project. I did most of the vocals and instruments myself, along with a group of later to be “who’s who” guests in the studio.  I was really conscious of rhythm and groove by this time, and I wanted these tracks to first move people physically.  I ended up with 5 songs, plus an additional alternate mix of “James Bond” that wasn’t released on the tape.

Where Is James Bond? (When You Really Need Him) ~ (Continental Mix):  It’s really weird.  One day I kept thinking of James Bond, and I couldn’t figure why.  So I wandered to my synthesizer and drum machine, and I just started playing a groove and singing about James Bond.  45 minutes later, the song was completely done.  Boy, how this one helped save my behind many times.  Even when the crowds were ready to attack me, I could do this number and even get the cavemen to sing the hook with me.  This was truly a gift from the divine song files of the higher planes of the universe.

I bet he’s out on the ocean
Cruising a rich girls yacht
Well I bet he’s out on the ocean
While I’m without my baby
I am left out
Where is James Bond?
When you really need him

©Copyright 1988 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

Telepathy:  I liked it when my friends asked me to compose something for them.  They would make a suggestion or tell me what they wanted, and I would just do it.  One day Glinda Harrison asked me, “Why don't you write something with a positive theme of romantic love?  You know, boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. . . .”  I was up for it, and I thought of the concept of a telepathic love connection between two people.  The track ended up being a hybrid of Latin/dance/pop and jazz fusion (of all things!), later reminding me of that late 1990’s Latin crossover style.  With 48 tracks, it was orchestral to me, and I hoped the words expressed romantic feelings in an ethereal way.

Oh darlin’ when you’re near me
I feel you inside my heart
Oh baby when you touch me
It echoes within my soul
Every part of me is in tune with you
In a perfect way
I can feel your deepest need
You respond the same to me
We have reached our total dream
Something much deeper than words

© Copyright 1988 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

Who’s Afraid Of The Dark?:  I really wanted Jeff Ward to play hard on this.  I needed a powerful drum track to kick this thing into gear, and he did it - sweating, shirt off, the whole nine yards.  Gary Loizzo brought in this horn section, and I thought they were freaked out by my appearance.  I had on full make-up, and I’m looking then right in the eye, telling then to think of Little Richard’s horn section, you know -WAIL!!  It turned out great, but I wonder what they told their moms about me?

Who’s afraid of the dark?
I know it can’t be you now
I said why do you hide from the daylight?
Why do you run to the shadows?
Why do you hide from the sunlight?
What are you hiding there in the dark?

© Copyright 1988 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

Cinematic:  For a while kids who came to the show started referring to plastic or fake people as “Cinematic.”  I almost coined a new pop culture phrase....

Lights - Camera - Action
Cinematic movie star
Now I wonder who you are
Living in a fantasy
Pieces of deluded dreams
Tell me what’s your role today
And the part that I must play
Everyday each mask you wear
Leaves my feelings in despair
Living life like a film
Living our romance just like a part from a scene - a movie scene

© Copyright 1988 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

You + Me = Love: I always had the audacity to try absolutely any style I wanted, with complete disregard of what people thought about it, including my audience.  A party song in the vein of the group Cameo, this track deals with sexual chemistry -- and more sexual chemistry:

Add it up baby what's the score
Let's go crazy do you want more
Simple addition 1 - 2 - 3
Love condition baby you and me
I don't need geometry or trigo-trigonometry

© Copyright 1988 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

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