Skafish Band Members

Roger Jones

Roger Jones on drums

Drums (January-February 1976)

Photo by Al Wadas

  • Played the 1st Skafish show in Chicago (February 1976)

In 1973, Roger Jones and Skafish began playing music together when Jones drummed for the Skafish formed group Sway.  Following Sway, Jones jammed with Skafish and bassist Larry Mazalan in experimental jazz and rock forms from 1974 through late 1975.  Jones, who was not all that motivated by pop music, loved the fusion styles of artists such as Chick Corea.  A very technical and complex player, Jones enjoyed the jazz-based instrumental side of Skafish’s talents.

When Skafish decided to form his group in early 1976, Roger thought the project could be challenging and interesting.  But after the debut Skafish show in February 1976, Jones amicably decided to move on to devote himself entirely to his “calling” for jazz.

As a young man, Roger Jones became quite an accomplished drummer, but unfortunately, he didn’t live to realize his dream.  After relocating to Florida, Roger Jones unexpectedly passed on in a car accident in the early 1980’s.

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