Skafish has released a jazz recording, Tidings of Comfort and Joy: A Jazz Piano Trio Christmas, his first release in 14 years. This collection of instrumental jazz contains 13 Christmas classics as you've never heard them before. You can listen to sound samples at The site has links to buy the CD as well a mailing list specifically for Skafish jazz releases.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy is released on Skafish's own label, La Befana Records. You can visit La Befana Records on the web at

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Contact info for former members of the band and photographers
is listed on the Links page. is looking for some photographs and photographers, as well as certain journalists and press stories.  

The following is our wish list: 


  • Skafish in one-piece bathing suit with babushka (from 1976-1978)
  • Photos of Skafish performing and being canned offstage at Milton Keynes in England, July 26, 1980
  • Photo of Jimy Sohns punching Sid Vicious at Club Hurrah in New York, December, 1978
  • Any photos of Skafish performing live in Europe (Especially England) from July through September 1980
  • Any live performance photos of Skafish (by himself and with his band) from 1976 through 1985


We would like to contact the following photographers: Rita Hale, Al Wadas, Dean Simmon, Phil Wong, Michael Weinstein (from Photo Reserve, Chicago), David Arnoff, Erica Echenberg, Ebet Roberts, and any British photographers who took pictures of Skafish in 1980.

Please note: requests a non-exclusive license to display photographs on this website.  We offer photo credit with every picture, and a posted link or address for photographers to be contacted by viewers of this website. does not pay for the use of photographs.

Journalists and Press: 

  • We would like to contact Betty Page, Billy Sloan, and Andrew Hogg, three journalists from England who wrote about Skafish in 1980.
  • Any press stories regarding Sid Vicious attacking Todd Smith during the Skafish performance at Hurrah in December 1978 at Club Hurrah in New York.

Contact us regarding any of these subjects using the contact form below:

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