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In February 1976, a tremendously innovative and pioneering artist began shaking things up in the Chicago club scene.  Skafish (Jim Skafish) and his band hurled a never-before heard or seen sensibility at an unsuspecting public. Skafish's appearance alone--a huge hook  nose, meaty 6 foot 3 frame, and the suggestion of breasts that was underscored and emphasized by degradingly gender-bending clothing, stunned audiences.   The lyrics and music were equally overwhelming.  Autobiographical experiences of childhood abuse, rejection, alienation, and sacrilegious themes were rebelliously flaunted and acted out on stage.  A combination of atonal jazz improvisation, 20th century avant-garde, classic pop melody and high-speed frenetic rock, the music was overpowering and disorienting.  The reactions were immediate, extreme and violent--and the press took notice.  By the summer of 1977, Skafish and his music began to find an audience.  

Acknowledged as the sole originator and Godfather of Chicago's punk, new wave, alternative and indie rock movements, Skafish also co-created these art forms on a worldwide level. Skafish was a pioneer decades ahead of his time, irrevocably changing the face of Chicago music and culture, opening the door for all punk, new wave, alternative and indie rock artists to have their voices heard worldwide.

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Are you here because you're a fan of Skafish's early, groundbreaking music from the 1970's? Then we've got news for you!

The first official live Skafish album, BOOTLEG 21-35, has now been released as a digital only recording. It was recorded at Ratso's in Chicago on Skafish's 21st birthday on August 29, 1977 and features 27 songs, 15 of which have never been released in any form before. And, you can pick up the album (which is over 2 hours and 13 minutes long, including 8 new Skafish-narrated commentary tracks) for the unbelievable price of just $6.99 on iTunes!

To learn more about the project, listen to the entire album for free, see videos, and read lyrics, visit the official Skafish Bootleg site.

Exclusive complete video commentary premiere, first on

Check out the complete video of Skafish narrating the 8 commentary tracks from the bootleg. In this long-form piece, Skafish discusses having emergency knee surgery weeks before his 21st birthday concert. He talks about receiving the bootleg tapes to the show over 30 years later, and the technical process of releasing the project. For those who are interested in the songs, Skafish shares the musical, lyrical, and conceptual reasons why he wrote each composition, and every band member's contribution. Watch his perspective on this historic milestone concert!

Want to hear the lastest from Skafish, in depth and uncensored? Read the Skafish Blog and see what he has to say.

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