Share Howe

Bass (Spring 1985)

  • Performed as bassist for the Spring 1985 West Coast Tour

With Lee Gatlin living in Minnesota, Skafish was in need a fill-in bassist for the spring 1985 west coast tour.  Manager Scott Cameron, now located in California, started looking for suitable candidates for the job.  Weeding through various musicians, Scott felt strongly about a female west coast bassist who had come to his attention.  Share Howe seemed eager to perform the three-week tour. 

When Skafish arrived in California to begin rehearsals for the tour, he was impressed to learn that the formally trained Howe had already learned every Skafish song for the tour from start to finish.  He was also pleased when Share’s live performances were note-by-note exact, and musically executed strongly enough to be favorably singled out in a Skafish concert review for the tour.

After this tour failed to manifest the new record deal desired, the first era of the Skafish band, lasting from January 1976 through spring 1985, came to a close.