Glinda Harrison
Various (1979-Current)

  • Psychic Assistance for the 1st Skafish record release of “Disgracing the Family Name” & “Work Song” (Released November 1979) & the “Debut” Skafish LP (Released May 1980)
  • Lyricist/Album Cover Co-Designer for the 2nd released Skafish LP “Conversation”(November 1982 through Spring 1983-Released September 1983)
  • Costume Designer for Skafish solo show (1988-1994)
  •  Website designer for website (May 2000-Current)

Glinda Harrison first met Skafish on September 15, 1978 at a metaphysical bookstore where she was working as a psychic, astrologer, and psychic development teacher.  His band was already underway, and Skafish had been coming to the bookstore for astrology lessons with the storeowner.

 A few months after the two met, Glinda started doing psychic readings for Skafish, even providing psychic assistance for two releases: the 1st Skafish record of “Disgracing the Family Name” & “Work Song” released in November, 1979, and the debut Skafish LP released in May of 1980.

After I.R.S. Records rejected the initial 2nd Skafish album in November of 1982, Skafish decided to be open to writing with others for what would become the new and revised LP.  Glinda, an accomplished poet and writer, authored the lyrics for 2 tracks and co-wrote lyrics for 2 other tracks on the revised 2nd Skafish LP.  Glinda originally came up with the album title of “Conversation,” released in September of 1983.  Along with Dan Winner (Skafish photographer and Video director) Harrison also conceived the cover concept for the 2nd LP.

During the solo show era, Glinda began designing and sewing many of the costumes Skafish wore.  The gold head-band with the etched-in Skafish profile, and the hand on top of the beret were both Harrison concepts and designs.

When Skafish decided to form a new band in 1994, Glinda came up with the moniker Aliennation.

Multi-faceted in her gifts, Glinda Harrison designed the web site, and is the Webmaster for the site.  On the verge of receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, she is currently preparing to attend graduate school in the Chicago area as an English major.

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