Skafish's Unreleased Liner Notes

“Five O’clock Face”
(1st piece written specifically for the Skafish band)
Recorded 1974

Five O’clock Face:  Even though I had been composing in a variety of styles since I was 12, this was the first vocal piece I tried to create with the idea of launching what would become the “Skafish” project.  With just piano and voice, the piece has a melancholy singer-songwriter feel.  I wrote the lyric about a woman who is once happily married and then becomes widowed, truthfully inspired by my mom coping with my dad’s death.

You’re never happy when you’re alone
Just love to be with your husband Tom
He shelters and gently smothers you
Relaxing in a cheerful country home

© Copyright 1974 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

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