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Q:  Are any audio or video works by Skafish available for sale at this time?
A:  At this time, nothing by Skafish or anything Skafish was included in is currently in release anywhere in the world.

Q:  Is Skafish the name of a person or a band or both?
A:  "Skafish" is Jim Skafish and it also is the name that the project as a whole was and still is known by.

Q:  Is Skafish's nose really real?
A:  Skafish's nose is the nose he was born with, and it has never been medically or cosmetically altered.  His mother suggested a nose job when he was a young teenager, but he refused.

Q:  Will Skafish be touring anytime soon?
A:  There are no current plans for Skafish to tour.  If any tour or performing dates are scheduled, the information will be posted and kept current on skafish.com.

Q:  Is the name Skafish real or made up?
A:  The name is real and it is the name Skafish was legally born with.  It is originally a Croation name SKAFIC (Pronounced SKAH-FIK) and when Skafish's grandparents came to America in the early 1900's, they "Americanized" the name to SKAFISH (Pronounced SKAY-FISH).

Q:  Are there any plans to release anything new or re-release any of the former Skafish catalogue?
A:  There are no current plans to release or re-release any of the Skafish audio or video catalogue.

Q:  Does Skafish have anything to do with "Ska" music?
A:  No, the first syllable of his name is pronounced SKAY, not SKAH.

Q:  Are Skafish and Chicago radio DJ Bobby Skafish related?
A:  Yes, they are first cousins.

Q:  Is Skafish dead or alive?
A:  Skafish is very much alive and well.  This popular rumor seemed to surface in the mid 1990's.

Q:  Given the ups and downs in his career, did Skafish ever consider using his musical genius in other directions?
A:  Even as a child, Skafish utilized his talents in many directions.  As time has gone on, Skafish has become much broader and expansive in his range of artistic endeavors.  Once Skafish auditioned as an actor for a part in a feature film.

Q:  Who are some of Skafish's biggest influences and inspirations?
A:  1950's rocker Little Richard, blues artists Muddy Waters and Bessie Smith were major influences.  From the classical world, Skafish was greatly influenced by Chopin and Bach, while  jazz greats Miles Davis and John Coltrane  inspired his improvisational skills.  Mick Jagger and David Bowie (ZIggy Stardust era) are two of Skafish's favorite rock performers.

One of Skafish's strongest spiritual influences is Florence Scovell Shinn, a metaphysical writer who died in 1940, a woman still ahead of her time who laid the foundation for a great deal of today's spiritual writings.

Q:  If Skafish came on the scene at a different time, would he have been more accepted?
A:  As time goes on, the more likely it seems that Skafish could be accepted by the public at large.

Q:  What is Skafish doing now?
A:  Skafish is teaching music, working as a psychic, writing a book of piano arrangements, and in the process of putting in a new recording studio to record and hopefully release the approximately 125 new compositions he's written.


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