Skafish's Released Liner Notes

“EP from Conversation”
( 2nd Skafish LP)
Released September 1983

I became optimistic when this “EP” started getting significant airplay in Los Angeles.  I hoped that one of these three cuts might just catch fire and break through.  Then we wouldn’t have to split McDonalds’ cheeseburgers three times a day any longer, or beg for gas money.

Wild Night Tonight:  I wanted a basic, stripped-down rock anthem.  I drew upon my inspiration from Jimy Sohns singing “Gloria” with my band for encores.

Cars flame through the inner city inferno streets
Hookers hook their hooks
In the crotch seat of a fat, bald and fifty
Minorities mix like fire and water
Like when a child sticks a fork into an electric socket
Sparks shoot - Sparks shoot
Kinda wild

© Copyright 1982 Skafish Music / Monona Music - All Rights Reserved

Secret Lover: Ken Bronowski did a terrific first take guitar solo, and Lee Gatlin responded with an off the cuff pop and slap bass line that just blew me away.  All of this happened just minutes after the band first heard me sing it at the piano. . . .

A Secret lover
Who’s undercover
Every one’s ideal
A proper stranger
A kiss of danger
Say, what do you feel
When you’re loving in a fantasy?

© Copyright 1983 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved 

Lover In Masquerade:  Like Secret Lover, everyone was involved in the creation of this track.  We wanted it to evolve into being a danceable piece.  It did receive considerably airplay on Los Angeles radio

Your mask is slipping away
The image begins to fade
The fallen mask reveals
A lover in masquerade

©Copyright 1983 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

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