Debut album cover

(Debut LP)
Released May 7, 1980 at 4:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Released internationally on I.R.S. Records (Illegal Records)
Manufactured and Distributed by A&M Records
Recorded Summer 1979
Producer, Writer, Arrangements: Skafish


Introduction ~ Written in 1979
1) Joan Fan Club ~ Written in 1977
2) Maybe One Time ~ Written in 1975
3) Obsessions Of You ~ Written in 1978
4) We’ll See A Psychiatrist ~ Written in 1976
5) Romantic Lessons ~ Written in 1977
6) Work Song ~ Written in 1977
7) Guardian Angel ~ Written in 1978
8) Disgracing The Family Name ~ Written in 1977
9) No Liberation Here ~ Written in 1977
10) Take It Out On You ~ Written in 1977

Personnel & Credits:

Skafish: Vocals, Piano, Telephone Call
Ken Bronowski: Guitar, Bugle, Vocals
Javier Cruz: Synthesizer, Mellotron, Clavinet, Organ, Vocals
Barbie Goodrich: Vocals, Adapted Slide Guitar, Slide Whistle
Gayle Crowder: Vocals
Larry Mazalan: Bass, Vibraslap, Vocals
Larry Mysliwiec: Drum Set, Synthetic Drum, Percussion

Studio: P.S. Studios, Chicago, Illinois
Engineers: Paul Serrano, Scott Rowley
LP Mixed by: Javier Cruz
Mastering: Frank DeLuna

Astrological Guidance and Calculation: Cheryl Weiss
Psychic Assistance and Predictions: Glinda Harrison
Magickal Incantations and Psychic Assistance: Merlin
Cover Photghraph: Paul Natkin/Photo Reserve
Inner Photographs: Bill Sosin/Photo Reserve
Personal Management: Cameron Organisation
Road Manager: Jimy Sohns
Executive Assistance: Miles Copeland, Jean Cameron
Special Thanks to David E. Webb (for introducing Skafish to Scott Cameron in 1976)

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