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Ken Bronowski

Ken Bronowski

Guitar/Vocals (February 1979-Spring 1985)

Photo by Bill Sosin

  • Played all performance dates in America and Europe (February 1979-Spring,1985)
  • Performed Guitar/Vocals on the 1st Skafish LP (Recorded Summer 1979-Released May 1980)
  • Appeared with Skafish in the film “Urgh! A Music War” (Filmed August 1980-Released in 1981)
  • Performed Guitar/Vocals on the 2nd Skafish LP rejected masters (November 1982) & for the released 2nd Skafish LP “Conversation” (Recorded November 1982 & Spring 1983-Released September 1983)

Drummer Larry Mysliwiec introduced Ken Bronowski to Skafish when the band went through a line-up change in early 1979.  Skafish guitarist Larry Mazalan switched over to playing bass, creating a vacancy for a new guitarist.  Mysliwiec and Bronowski had worked together before, and Mysliwiec felt Ken would be a great choice to handle the guitar duties of the Skafish project.

Ken, who had formally studied guitar at the Chicago Conservatory of Music and visual art at the American Academy of Art, brought exceptional expertise to the Skafish band.  His brilliant and consistent playing was rock solid, both live and in the studio.  His guitar work on the rejected 2nd LP masters, stands as both powerful and evocative years later.

When the Skafish band broke-up right after the Spring 1985 west coast tour failed to rouse record company interest, Bronowski immediately relocated to Los Angeles.  There he co-founded a group called Temper Temper with drummer Larry Mysliwiec who had already moved to California.  The group was on the verge of success several times, even attracting interest from E.M.I. Records, but ultimately broke up in 1987. Ken then worked as a recording engineer in L.A. for a few years, eventually moving back to the Midwest in 1989.

Upon returning to the Chicago area, he began performing locally, producing other artists (including former Skafish band member Larry Mazalan) and managed a state of the art recording studio form 1992 to 1993.  These experiences led Ken to open his own studio and start his own production company called Gain Productions.

In addition to his music expertise, Bronowski decided to study video production and enrolled at Purdue University Northwest.  In 1993, he received his degree and began producing corporate videos as another extension of his diverse abilities.

The year 2000 saw the release of the independent CD  “Labor of Love” by Bron-White, the group Ken co-founded with singer/songwriter Jimm White.  On this CD, Bronowski plays instruments and produces, while Jimm White performs vocals, with both contributing as songwriters.  Sadly, Jimm White, a gifted, multi-talented and free-spirited man, passed away in March of 2000.

Currently, Bronowski is studying guitar construction under the brilliant and internationally recognized Milan Opacich, who has built and/or repaired guitars for such artists as Chet Atkins. Still performing, Ken Bronowski continues using his multi-faceted talents as a music producer, musician, composer, performer, and video producer.

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