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From Skafish Band Members who worked with Barbie

Barbie motivated me into appreciating the pop music of the 60’s on an equal par with jazz.  She was a great singer and encouraged me as a vocalist.  I miss her free spirit and her non-stop energy.

Larry Mazalan

A great live performer who added a tremendous visual excitement to the band.  She was always willing to push it over  the top - years ahead of where female performers are at now.

Larry Mysliwiec

The most “Real Barbie Doll”  I ever had the pleasure to work with.  Bubbly, real, and very talented.  She was a good friend.

Jimy Sohns

On Barbie I will always remember her bittersweet smile and the kindness she always showed me.  Radiance in a package- that was Barbara.

Javier Cruz

She was very tuned into the whole “vibe” of this thing, and complimented Jim’s freakishness perfectly.  She was a stark contrast to Jim, a perfect yin and yang.

Ken Bronowski

When I think of Barbie, I can’t put into words the connection I felt with her and still do.  When I’m creating new music, and it’s not flowing, I think of my partner on my right.

Gayle Crowder

I was saddened to hear of Barbie’s untimely death.  Barbie brought charm and grace to the Skafish band’s outrageous expression.  Before Madonna, there was Barbie.  She’ll be missed.

Lee Gatlin Jr.

By 1979 when she joined my group, I had no idea how mesmerized I would be by how dynamic and overpowering she would be on stage.  As a friend, she was comforting to me at times when I was emotionally high-strung.  She fought with me like a warrior on stage, feeding off the hatred of the audiences.  Even though our lives were frequently in serious danger, she never considered backing down.  I wish the world knew how “ahead” she was as an icon.  About a year before she died, I wrote a song about her called "Ahead of her Time."  I played it for her over the phone, and she seemed flattered that I would write something just for her.




Barbara and I were friends for several years before we fell in love.  I actually met her when I was 11 years old, but we didn’t date till I was 19.  My relationship with her was greater to me than winning the biggest lottery in the world.  To me, she was the most understanding, sincere and wonderful woman on earth.  No one could ever begin to take the place of Barbara in my heart.  A minute doesn’t go by when she’s not in my thoughts.  They say time heals all wounds, but in this case, I’ll need all the time in the world.  I truly miss her from the bottom of my heart.

Larry Hladek
Barbie’s Husband

Photo by Keith Boyan

Barbie was the first queen of dramatic theatrical rock performance.  She preceded ladies like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and the Go-Go’s.

Marie Goodrich
Barbie’s Sister

My sister Barbara inspired me to achieve whatsoever I wanted, to not be afraid and to go after whatever goals I set for myself and to kick some ass in the process.  On stage she had the guts to perform and not care what anyone thought.  She thrived on the Skafish experience.

Barbie’s Sister

Barbara was so considerate of other people’s feelings.  I could go to her anytime, anyplace, and she always had an open ear.  With me being the youngest sister, she was a mother figure to me, and guided me through some of the most turbulent times of my life.  To her last day, unable to move, she was concerned for everyone else, and not herself.  On-stage and off-stage, she was two completely different people.  After she played Jim’s mother on-stage, giving him 20 lashes for being weird, she’d come home and say her prayers with her daughter and tuck her into bed.


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