Barbie Goodrich performing

Barbie Goodrich Memorial Page 1952 - 1995

On October 24, 1986, Barbie Goodrich heard the devastating news—the diagnosis from her doctor that she indeed had cancer.  Goodrich, a fighter, immediately met the challenge head-on, taking her treatments, never complaining, and eventually going into remission in September 1990.

Remaining cancer free for about a year and a half, she appeared in a National TV ad campaign for “Cancer Treatment Centers Of America” with her daughter Annalisa.  She also appeared in a series of national magazine ads for the campaign in such publications as “Prevention Magazine.”  Barbie became president of the local chapter of the nationwide support group “Make Today Count,” where she counseled those recently diagnosed with cancer, as well as others who had already been battling the illness.  Through this organization, she touched countless lives and offered the invaluable gift of empathy and hope.

When the cancer reappeared in 1992, Barbie courageously fought again, motivating herself to live for her husband, family, and especially her daughter Annalisa.  Goodrich and her daughter had been virtually inseparable since Annalisa’s birth, and their relationship was always a driving force for Barbie throughout her entire life.  But that was abruptly taken away when suddenly and unexpectedly, Annalisa-age 19, passed away on May 17, 1993.  Those who knew Barbie best unanimously agreed that her daughter’s passing was indeed too much for her to bear and that it left Barbie severely emotionally scarred.  After Annalisa’s death, Barbie lost much of her will to live.  A little over 2 years later, Barbie Goodrich passed away on June 10, 1995 at the age of 42.

Besides her tremendous and innovative contribution as a performing artist and vocalist, Barbie will be remembered as a person who had a lifelong closeness to her family and friends.  With her husband Larry Hladek by her side, Barbie reunited with her daughter Annalisa in spirit. The legacy of Barbie Goodrich lives on in the hearts and the minds of the lives of those she touched.

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