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This band was completely before itís time and there were elements to Skafish that people are doing even today.  Itís hard to say when the world will catch up.

Larry Mazalan

As I look back on my Skafish band experience, I remember it as a time of tremendous growth, creativity and change as a musician.  Playing in the band was the ideal introduction to my subsequent career as a professional musician and educator, and I consider the music-making that occurred in Skafish as among the finest in which I have ever participated.

Greg Sarchet

The greatest, most challenging and exciting musical experience of my entire life.

Larry Mysliwiec

Playing in Skafish was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Until then, Iíd played nothing but classical music; it was such a mind-opening experience.  Being in Skafish was very hard at times-we certainly werenít making any money, and just about everybody had full-time jobs-but the rewards were definitely worth the challenges.

David Prochazka

My experience in Skafish proved to be a perilous journey of self-exploration highlighted by some stunning musical moments and the flickering awareness of who I was -- and was not.

Karen Winner

Being in Skafish wasnít just merely being in a band, it was more like being in a family, since the people who Jim brought together for this experience knew and loved each other for so many years prior to the inception of the Skafish band.  We were already bonded - and then we were banded!  And when we were, what a whirlwind of an experience it was!  I loved the unique and intense energy that Jim exuded in front of the footlights.  He was and will always be an icon.  Before there was ďHedwig,Ē there was Skafish.

Mark Winner

Jimmy Skafish is an unbelievable talent and it was my pleasure to work with him.  I hope to work with him again in the future.

Jimy Sohns

How would I define Skafishís Music?  20th century harmonic technique meets the electricity and energy of Little Richard.

Javier Cruz

Everyone in this group was brilliant musically.  It was constant high-energy from start to stop.  A show required not only technical proficiency on your instrument, but everything you had physically. The shows appeared to be chaos, but everything was worked out to the second, like a crazed car-chase scene in a movie.

Ken Bronowski

It was the most exciting musical experience I ever went through.  I really enjoyed and appreciated being a part of a creation so unique and different from anything else in the world.  I loved being used as different characters--from cheerleader to Jimís mother.  Each band member was musically the very best on their respective instruments that I had ever worked with.  As far as Jim, I adored him from the first day we met, and I want the whole world to know that the Skafish band was way, way ahead of itís time.

(Recollections of Barbieís words from husband Larry Hladek)

Barbie Goodrich

It was the most incredible experience Iíve gone through musically - challenged beyond belief.  Barbie and I said to Jim, ' We canít musically do this,' and Jim said, ' Yes you can,' and he showed us that we could.

Gayle Crowder

The Skafish experience was huge for me.  It was electric. To play with high caliber musicians, and playing songs that were intense and very musical was awesome.  The concept was definitely before its' time. The time may come again for Skafish.

Lee Gatlin Jr.

My experience with Jimmy Skafish is something I will never forget.  Playing in "Aliennation" was a challenge to my abilities as a bass player and my knowledge of music.  Jimmy's unique arrangements were not the average arrangements that I was used to doing.  I found myself calling on all of my experience to pull off a lot of his songs.  

Jimmy is a perfectionist and has an ear for the slightest note that is not where it should be.  The one thing I really enjoyed was the workout I got from rehearsals.  A lot of today's music doesn't leave much room for bass players to do anything constructive other than just playing the basics.  

If you haven't really listened to Jimmy's music, then I think you are missing a lot.  I think it reflects the life and times of a difficult childhood.  There are many people out there that could really relate to the things that Jimmy sings about.  And like myself, become a better person from it.

Dennis McCurine

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