Skafish's Unreleased Liner Notes

“1978 3-song session”
(which gave birth to the 1st Skafish record release)
Recorded July 16, 1978 & August 3, 1978

The versions of "Disgracing the Family Name" and "Work Song" recorded in this session eventually became the 1st Skafish single released in November of 1979 in England.  When Miles Copeland decided to release the other 2 tracks, "There's a World" kinda got put off somewhere to the side, probably because it sounds like a melodic show-tune.

There’s a World:  I wanted to reach out with empathy to those, like myself, who were left out.  When I wrote this in 1977, people smugly snickered at these sentiments.  Now it seems that the whole world feels alienated....

You ask your best friend for some nice advice
What you might do with your life and time
He said you were dumb and you won’t succeed
Right then and there you’re about to cry
About to cry so sad
Don’t you cry there’s a world

© Copyright 1977 Skafish Music - All Rights Reserved

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