January - Skafish receives an email from the editor of an underground music fanzine, telling him that young teenage kids in Houston, Texas are diligently searching for all of his recordings and are extremely impressed by his work.  It is the first time that Skafish becomes aware of his presence on the Internet.  He finds the news encouraging, hoping that perhaps future generations will connect with, and understand the revolutionary vision he’s nurtured since his own teenage years.  Surprisingly to Skafish, the email also comments that everyone who sees the original 1979 British single of “Disgracing The Family Name,” questions if his profile is actually real.  Skafish clarifies in a return email that his physical body has never been falsified or altered in any way or at any time throughout his life. 

Throughout the year, still not performing or recording, Skafish continues working on his artistic disciplines.

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