March - Skafish becomes aware that the song “Bad Feelings Have Died,” from the 2nd Skafish LP “Conversation,” had recently become somewhat of a hit in France. 

April – Formerly thought to be lost, Larry Mysliwiec re-discovers the 1st Skafish demo tape of August, 1976 in his closet.  In his own basement, Skafish finds the tapes to the three-song 1981 studio session designed to re-ignite interest from I.R.S. Records, and the original master tapes to the 1982 2nd LP tracks that I.R.S. Records rejected for being too controversial. These are the only tapes of these recordings in existence. At the same time, Skafish finds the master tapes to 2nd Skafish LP, “Conversation,” and the masters to 1988’s local release “Limited Series Cassette.” All of these tapes are transferred to a digital format to preserve the work.

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