Skafish with icicle
January, 1996
Photo by Jeff Mathews


January - Skafish, who only recorded a handful of tracks over the last 2 years, records one last group of short themes that are designed for television/film use.  By the end of January, Skafish takes an extended hiatus from recording. (He began an extended break from performing by the end of 1994.)

August - Four of the short themes recorded by Skafish in January are published by a major publishing house.

August 11 - Chicago journalist Bob Kurson writes a cover story that appears in the Chicago Sun Times crediting Skafish with single-handedly giving birth to the punk movement of Chicago.

Throughout the year, Skafish’s work as a psychic enables him to financially come out of deep poverty, and at least live “paycheck to paycheck” for the first time since he formed the Skafish band in January 1976.

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