Skafish works full time as a psychic, 7 days a week, taking only a handful of days off the entire year. 

June - Former backing vocalist Barbie Goodrich, who valiantly battled cancer for several years, finally passes on into spirit.  Skafish sings an a cappella version of “Guardian Angel” from the 1st album at her wake.

Skafish writes, performs, and records the opening/closing theme for the music video cable television show “Ultra Videos” in just an hour.  The show is designed to highlight out-of-the-mainstream alternative clips. 

Skafish on Guitar
"Nothing I Can Do" 
Photo by Jeff Mathews
Fall - Skafish begins writing what ultimately becomes a little over 100 new compositions over the next 2 years.  He begins creating a new style of dance music - part electronic and part acoustic.  In his new rock music, the virtuosity of the 1st album is heightened, blending highly complex musical passages with raw, furious, angst ridden rock. 

 Lyrically, Skafish is commenting more than ever on the social, religious, and political climate of today in a graphic, brutally hard hitting way.  He continues to write classic pop songs for himself and to submit to other artists. 

Director John Anderson completes a video to the song “Nothing I Can Do.”  It airs on the alternative rock video show “JB-TV” and on the cable television show “Ultra Videos.”  The music is taken from a Skafish solo show, and features Skafish singing live and playing lead guitar, featuring some extremely unique lead guitar lines.  The visuals are culled from various Skafish solo shows, with a few scenes of the 1994 Skafish band.  Colorful audience members, taped spontaneously on the spot, help to keep each frame visually interesting and compelling.


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