April - Dr. Ramon Satyendra , assistant professor of Music Theory at Yale University, who had considered working in a new Skafish band, writes an open letter of recommendation for Skafish as a teacher.

Skafish with candle
Skafish , circa 1993
Photo by Rita Hale
July - Skafish begins professional work as a psychic, spiritual counselor, astrologer, spirit medium, and healer.  Skafish has a tremendous metaphysical/spiritual background, studying since he was 16 with some of the top astrologers and psychics in their respective fields, and has actively displayed psychic gifts since he was 14.  On occasion, Skafish used his psychic abilities for other artists and music industry professionals.  While on tour with Iggy Pop in 1979, Skafish gave psychic insights to Iggy behind closed doors.  In the summer of 1980, Skafish psychically answered questions from Ian Copeland and I.R.S. Recordsí employees at dinner in London during the Police tour.  In Paris at his birthday dinner in late August of 1980, Skafish silenced and stunned CBS Records International Executives with his psychic ability and spiritual insights.


December - After 8 years, Skafish takes an extended break from performing the solo show.  On a business level, the show hadnít progressed.  Even though Skafish was willing to perform anywhere, bookings dwindled.  Although he called managers, record companies, and club owners, submitting package after package, ultimately, he was unable to establish new business relationships. 

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