Jim Skafish in 1989
Skafish, circa 1989
January - Skafish sings on a new wave Devo-esque Ruffles Potato Chips commercial.  The project ultimately ends up being unused, but Skafish is amused when the producer, a Skafish fan, warns him not to dress weird for the recording session because it would shock the advertising executives. 



September - I.R.S. Records releases a greatest hits compilation, “These People Are Nuts.”  It features such artist as The Police, Timbuk 3, R.E.M, and Fine Young Cannibals.  Included is the live performance by Skafish of “Sign Of The Cross” recorded in France for “Urgh! A Music War” in 1980.  Since Skafish was among the very first group of artists to originally sign with the label, I.R.S. Records invites Skafish to fly to Los Angeles and perform for the CD release party.  On the show is the group Concrete Blonde, whose drummer Harry Rushakoff had played for Alice Cooper and previously opened for Skafish in 1980 as the drummer for the group Special Affect.   Former Lou Reed and Alice Cooper guitarist Steve Hunter, as well as Doors’ guitarist Robby Krieger are also feature performers. 

Even though Miles Copeland is fanatically excited over Skafish’s performance and hears potential in the song, “Where Is James Bond? (When You Really Need Him),” a new record contract is not offered.  Copeland, in turn, asks Skafish to play keyboards in a new group he’s assembling, with the possibility of a new solo record sometime in the future.  Skafish declines Copeland’s offer.  Before flying home to continue performing the solo show, Skafish reconnects with former classmate and ex Wall of Voodoo singer Andy Prieboy, playing keyboards on a couple of new Prieboy tracks.

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