Skafish Band Members

A New Skafish band
(Spring 1987)

  • Performed 3 Chicago area shows (Spring 1987)

By the spring of 1987, after performing his solo show for about a year-and-a-half, Skafish believed that forming a new band might be rejuvenating.  Searching for a guitarist, Skafish teamed up with Cary Mott, an accomplished local jazz-based musician.  Even though Mott was not inclined to play rock music, he liked Skafish’s complex and unique approach, and joined the act.

Keyboardist Kyle Johnson had already worked with Skafish as a technician for the Skafish solo show.  Already a friend of Cary Mott’s, Kyle also agreed to participate in the project.  

Sandy Starrett, who was executive producing Skafish’s Limited Series Cassette, introduced bassist Karl Young to Skafish.  Young not only was a skilled bassist, but also played saxophone, which added an extra dimension to the act. 

Female drummer Sandy Krupa grew up in the same city as Skafish, and had appeared as an extra in the video to “Wild Night Tonight” from the 2nd Skafish LP “Conversation” in 1983.  Besides being a relative of legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa, Sandy had toured with British legend Spencer Davis in America.  A gifted talent with a natural-feel, Sandy had a high-energy and animated personality.

The group first debuted at a tiny club a block away from Skafish’s home. Next, the act played a benefit concert for the Chicago Homeless at Ditka’s, a club owned by then Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.  The audience response was promising at both dates, and shortly afterwards, the new band played one more local club date. 

But the group lacked the cohesive vision and dedication so vital to succeed, and with certain band members shocked by the Skafish visual presentation, the act disbanded within a few months after its inception.

Occasionally Skafish kept in touch with certain band members. Unfortunately, Sandy Krupa passed away after a long illness in February of 2000.