Jim Skafish strips
Skafish strips
Spring - Frustrated with the solo show's lack of business progress, Skafish forms a new band.  The group consists of jazz-based guitarist Cary Mott, keyboardist Kyle Johnson, Gary Indiana bassist/saxophonist Karl Young, and female drummer Sandy Krupa.  Sandy is a relative of legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa and had toured with Spencer Davis in America. Pushing the envelope once again, Skafish strips and throws his underwear into the audience while singing a new piece, Id Rather Be An Abortion.  

The band has energy and shows definite promise, but certain members are inherently uncomfortable with the outrageousness and the theatrical intensity of the performance.  The act plays one benefit for the Chicago homeless and two local club dates, breaking up after a few months.  After the new group disbands, Skafish refocuses his energies into the solo show, while still performing with Javier Cruz's band Life.

Winter - Skafish performs gritty dance music behind female strippers/nude dancers at a local restaurant/bar.  Running a drum machine, playing bass synthesizer with the left hand, and lead synthesizer with the right hand, Skafish sings and raps on top of the mix, often improvising words and music on the spot.  Luckily, Skafish quits the gig 1 week before a police raid sends employees, patrons and dancers, (who are also soliciting prostitution) to jail.

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