Spring - Skafish co-headlines a performance in Chicago with porno star Seka. He receives a painting of himself from well known artist Robert Fischer (who sponsored the event) as partial payment for the show.  Fischer's work often portrays icons of current pop culture, and his pieces are ultimately included in the collections of such celebrities as Cher, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, and Madonna.  

Skafish portrait by Robert Fischer
Skafish portrait
Painting by Robert Fischer

In his performance set, Skafish performs a handful of songs with keyboardist Javier Cruz, guitarist Ken Bronowski and 2 dancers.   One of the dancers, Cat Glover, was highlighted in the Skafish video for “Wild Night Tonight” in 1983, and later goes on to perform with Prince on his “Sign Of The Times” and “Lovesexy” tours.


During rehearsals for the performance, Skafish meets Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, whose girlfriend is a model in the event.  Skafish gives Rocker an original rockabilly song titled  “‘57 Chevy” for the Stray Cats to record.  Even though the song is liked by Rocker and legitimately considered by his group, it is ultimately not recorded.

Skafish’s musical teaching now includes work with handicapped children and adults.  The parents of the children Skafish teaches all pitch in and buy him his first 4-track recorder as a birthday gift.  Throughout the year, Skafish records 60 to 70 new pieces, playing all instruments by himself, with the hope of selling songs to other artists, and re-igniting interest in his own performing and recording career.  He continues to perform with Javier Cruz's group in South Chicago.

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