Live in Frejus, France
Live in Frejus, France for "Urgh!"
The film and soundtrack album “Urgh! A Music War” is released, featuring the Skafish performance of “Sign Of The Cross.” The film's setting of an ancient French Christian Coliseum lit by natural sunlight, gives the "Sign Of The Cross" segment of the film the look of a Catholic Holy Card.  Skafish theatrically stuns the unsuspecting crowd, and with band member Barbie Goodrich assists The Police in the film’s finale song, “So Lonely,” along with members of XTC and UB-40.   Produced by Michael White (who also produced the “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and featuring more than 30 acts, “Urgh! A Music War” goes on to win best music film at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Dec. - Skafish records 3 studio tracks with the hope of re-igniting interest from I.R.S. Records.  Even though the first Skafish album drew media attention, largely enthusiastic, record sales were not enough to financially break even and all funding was halted through 1981, leaving Skafish grounded.

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